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  • Hi

    On the Spread MODx page - http://modxcms.com/community/spread-modx.html- the Case Studies link looks to be pointing to the wrong place as it goes to User Profiles: http://modxcms.com/learn/user-profiles/

    Is this intentional?
    • @redplanet,

      Thanks drawing our attention to that issue. There are no site case studies on the current site but there will be in the future. I have updated the text to accurately reflect the page linked.

      If you are interested in case studies what kinds of things are you interested in hearing about?


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      • Hi, sorry for the delayed reply.

        I was looking into the ’Spread MODx’ page as I was speaking to some agency bods in London Uk yesterday and I mentioned modx as my cms of choice, but none had heard of it. They knew of the usuals, drupal, joomla etc and various ’enterprise level’ .net systems etc.

        I wanted to be able to give them examples of modx in action on (hopefully) some high profile sites - I told them about National Portrait Gallery in modx, as highlighted on the modxcms.com homepage, but it would be great to be able to show some real case studies.

        I am aware that modx is going to be marketed more after Revo being launched, it’s just that in the uk at least I haven’t seen any of this yet. I hasten to add that I know the superhuman effort that goes into modx and that it is all voluntary, especially after reading this post by splittingred: http://splittingred.com/personal/2010/10/why-i-cant-respond-privately.html

        In my own humble way (microcosmically!) I’m trying to turn as many web heads on to modx as I can here - last week I gave a friend (a drupal head wink who is getting peeved at its’ numerous security bashings) a pretty long modx intro, and he was very impressed.

        Personally, I would love to see case studies which show how amazingly flexible modx is and how as a developer you don’t have to deal with other people’s templates/css, quirky modular stuff etc. Having the freedom to use my own markup and then utilise the power of modx was what instantly converted me back in the 0.9.6 ’Take CTRL’ days.

        Since then I’ve been able to build sites giving clients great flexibility in how they manage their site’ content, and they have all been really stress free and happy when updating - this is a really big deal!!! and I think the client side view could also be highlighted.

        Hope this gives you an idea of where I’m coming from.
        • @redplanet,

          We’re actually currently in the process of redoing the modxcms.com site, and will have a lot more case studies, marketing pushes, and easier-to-find navigation to help address the issue you’ve brought up.

          I’ll leave Jay and Ryan to expound further, but I can assure you we’re putting a lot of effort currently into the avenues you described. It’s a big priority right now. Thanks for affirming that for us - we want to get people seeing the power of MODx too!
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          • @splittingred

            Amazing! really looking forward to this and thanks for letting us in on the future ...

            Again I reiterate that I know everything is done voluntarily and that it’s a huge deal, but what you state really does sound like what is needed.
            I’ll continue to turn web heads on to modx and promote it in my own small way, but if it can gather its’ own momentum then that is the proper deal.

            Excited ... cool