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  • MODx Revolution 2.0.4: 50+ Fixed Issues Including xPDO Updates and ExtJS 3.3

    Update: This 2.0.4-pl2 release corrects an issue that affected Resource Groups October 14, 2010. (changed files)

    We’ve been busy over the last few weeks with more than 50 fixes to continue to make MODx the best CMS we can. With improvements to the manager, including further Form Customization enhancements, fixes to Contexts and improvement to Package Management interface.

    Here are the highlights of Revolution 2.0.4:

    - Many fixes to Form Customization
    - Many critical updates to the MODx database interface: xPDO (see the xPDO changes below for details)
    - Updated ExtJS to 3.3.0
    - Fixes and improvements to Users and User settings
    - Corrected phpThumb TV Path
    - IE7 compatibility improvements
    - Fixed various issues that occur when multiple Contexts are in use
    - Over 50+ issues fixed

    We need you to help make MODx Revolution even better, filing bug reports and asking for new features has never been easier using our newly launched, Redmine-based issue and bug tracking software: bugs.modx.com (bookmark and use it often.)

    Revolution gets better with every release, so download it now to try it or upgrade your existing Revolution sites.

    Download Revolution 2.0.4-pl2
    Read the Revolution Documentation
    Read the Installation Guide or Upgrade Guide
    Check the Installation Requirements

    As with all releases, please submit bug reports and feature requests. You should also read the documentation, post feedback and successes in the MODx Community forums.

    The MODx Team

    Changelog/Release Notes: (Note: Issue numbers have changed as a result of migrating to Redmine. Use Search to locate a particular issue.)
     MODx Revolution 2.0.4-pl2 (October 15, 2010)
    [#2502] Fix fatal error with Resources protected by Resource Groups
    MODx Revolution 2.0.4-pl2 (October 14, 2010)
    Bug #2: When you create 2 folders with the same attribute keys in them you cannot edit the first value in the user's "Extended Fields"
    Bug #5: Pagination is broken when viewing manager logs
    Bug #7: Context name converted to HTML entities in context management
    Bug #9: Site | Search Order by description appears to not work when fields are empty
    Bug #10: User Settings not respected in mgr
    Bug #12: Welcome Page RSS Feed Rendering Issues
    Bug #13: Menu Index auto increment over multiple contexts bug
    Bug #16: ?v=203pl attachment to javascript files
    Bug #21: system preferences overwritten after core upgrade
    Bug #24: Minimum role problem for Resource Policy
    Bug #25: When adjusting a dialog box's width the fields don't expand with the width of the window
    Bug #26: Form Customisation resource/create not applying some rules when using a Constraint
    Bug #28: Installing multiple packages in one session does not reset the license agreement selection nor other pre-install forms
    Bug #29: Saving of edited user specific setting not possible
    Bug #30: Creating of user specific settings not possible
    Bug #32: "No Policy" Context access permission bug
    Bug #33: Tree not hidden when Resource, File, & Element permissions are removed
    Bug #34: Changes to rank on template variable screen of template editor do not save
    Bug #37: Certain settings erased on upgrade
    Bug #38: Permissions required for resource Delete and Undelete seem transposed
    Bug #39: Toolbar with action buttons not displayed correctly in IE 7
    Bug #59: When hiding creat/edit tab with FC-rule, tab's content still visible / also parent resource field can not be manipulated with FCR, maybe related
    Bug #62: phpthumb uses wrong path in TV image preview
    Bug #80: Resource Tree hides Child resource from owner if owner does not have permissions to parent resource.
    Bug #126: Deleting a TV should trigger clear-cache to remove TV values from resources
    Bug #136: malformated json respons if Database name is wrong
    Bug #262: Spurious stuff in console when updating packages
    Bug #2476: Top Menu not updated in upgrade
    Bug #2486: Hardcoded language in permission getList processor
    Bug #2490: Lexicon Managment Pagination
    Bug #2491: Lexicon Manager Default display not an option
    Bug #2492: All links to online documentation need to reflect rtfm.
    Bug #2493: Help button on Form Customization returns 404
    Feature #20: Search or filtering on forms customization rules
    Feature #31: Autoassign default template when create new TV
    Feature #168: Manager menu item descriptions
    Improvement #15: Turn Most Popular/Recently Added list of packages into hotlinks for those items
    Improvement #27: Alert if we try to exit from an unsaved element/resource
    Improvement #42: Change resource type
    Improvement #70: Allow login processor to handle multiple contexts
    Improvement #102: Parser return tag unaltered if the element doesn't exist
    Task #14: Translations for 2.0.4
    xPDO 2.0.0-rc2 Changes in Revolution 2.0.4-pl2
    - [#XPDO-64] Fix xPDO::logTarget not to lose options after first call to xPDO::_log()
    - Fix xPDOObject::_loadInstance() to work with xPDOQuery::hydrateGraphNode() properly
    - Fix bug in xPDOObject::load() when caching by primary key
    - Fix bug with xPDOManager_sqlite::removeSourceContainer()
    - [#XPDO-62] Make getObjectGraph() respect class_key
    - Add IF EXISTS to DROP DATABASE statement in xPDOManager_mysql::removeSourceContainer()
    - Add xPDO::getIndexMeta() method
    - Fix invalid call to xPDOManager::getPhpType() in xPDOGenerator::writeSchema()
    - [#XPDO-74] Fix bug in xPDOObject::save() when updating rows with compound primary keys
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    • Update: A bug has been reported in Revolution 2.0.4 that Resource Groups do not function correctly leaving protected resources visible on the front end. This issue will only affect users who are using Resource Groups. Other sites are not affected by this issue.

      We will be releasing a patch release 2.0.4-pl2 within 4 hours.

      The MODX Team
        Author of zero books. Formerly of many strange things. Pairs well with meats. Conversations are magical experiences. He's dangerous around code but a markup magician. BlogTwitterLinkedInGitHub
      • We have corrected Resource Groups issue in MODx Revolution 2.0.4 and uploaded the updated version Revolution 2.0.4-pl2 . If you upgraded to Revolution 2.0.4-pl in the 12 hours since it was released we apologize for the issue but if you may require the use of Resource Groups you will need to update again. As previously mentioned this is not a serious issue if you don’t use Resource Groups in revolution and you may upgrade at your leisure.

        The MODx Team
          Author of zero books. Formerly of many strange things. Pairs well with meats. Conversations are magical experiences. He's dangerous around code but a markup magician. BlogTwitterLinkedInGitHub