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  • Hi there,

    I’m trying to use ajaxSearch to display search results on a new page. I’ve done this before on MODx 1.0.3 without any problems, but for some reason, I can’t get it to work with MODx 1.0.4.

    I’m calling ajaxSearch with
    [!AjaxSearch? &ajaxSearch=`0` &showIntro=`0` &AS_showResults=`0` &AS_landing=`15`!]

    and on the page with the id ’15’ I’m using
    [!AjaxSearch? &ajaxSearch=`0` &AS_showForm=`0`!]

    As I say, I’ve got this working with a previous version of MODx. At the moment, its just showing me my results just beneath my search box (in the sidebar). Any ideas how to sort this issue?

    • [!AjaxSearch? &ajaxSearch=`0` &showIntro=`0` &showResults=`0` &landingPage=`15`!]

      [!AjaxSearch? &ajaxSearch=`0` &showInputForm=`0`!]

      Some parameters have been renamed. More information on this post
      • All sorted. Thanks Coroico!