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  • MODx Revolution 2.0 RC-1 Released!

    The MODx Team would like you to know that MODx Revolution 2.0 RC-1 is out and ready for download.

    There are 2 versions available:
    Traditional (modx-2.0.0-rc-1.zip) - For regular users and users who don’t have root/sudo access to their machine.
    Advanced (modx-2.0.0-rc-1-advanced.zip) - For those who want a smaller download and compressed install and have root/sudo access to their machine.

    Note: Revolution 2.0 (since Beta-5) requires PHP 5.1.1 and above.

    What’s new in Revolution 2.0.0 RC-1? (Read the full annoucement)

    • CSS/JS compression in the manager UI
    • Improved flow and error checking in setup
    • Many fixes and improvements to Package Management, including a new View Package page, showing prior versions installed
    • Added toggleable auto-check for updates for downloaded packages
    • Cleanups and enhancements to RTE handling, and in-house file browser implementation
    • Can now drag/drop any Element into a Category
    • Added Forgot Login to login screen for manager
    • Over 240 bugs fixed and improvements added; Read the Changelog

    As with all releases, and to help get us closer to the Generally Available (GA) release, please submit bug reports and feature requests. You should also read the documentation, post feedback and successes, and follow along with development.

    The MODx Team

    Note: for those of you running servers with E_NOTICE on, you might need to make a patch described here: http://svn.modxcms.com/jira/browse/MODX-1778
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