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  • Many exciting things have been happening in the MODx world lately. We thought we’d continue the trend by releasing MODx Evolution 1.0-rc23. "Evo" will come with more than 100 bug fixes and improvements, and brings the Manager and terms in line with what’s coming in Revolution later this year.

    Evo will give webmasters improved SEO functionality for non-English/multiple language sites. Evo introduces custom transliteration (how page titles are translated into URLs) and supports multiple transliteration tables per website. Both the Manager and the Installer support RTL languages as well without requiring dedicated RTL themes.


    • The Manager login welcome page can now be targeted with a plugin. New custom functionality can be added to your login "dashboard" page. Like the way another solution looks and works when you login? Emulate it in MODx.
    • The Installer is much more streamlined and supports RTL languages. Please check your language translations and help update as needed, please.
    • Likewise, the Manager supports RTL languages from the Manager theme based on the MODx Carbon theme. Previous themes released in the MODx Extras will require updates to work with Evo.
    • Much more concise and clear Manager descriptions. Again, please check your translations.
    • Quick Manager+ has replaced Quick Edit. While this results in losing the hover boxes and edit buttons on individual content blocks in the front end, it is a step towards a more robust solution on a maintained code base for the future.
    • Aliases now support multiple transliteration methods and UTF-8 characters. MODx websites can have multiple transliteration methods in the same site with a TV override. See the new Transalias plugin.
    • Much of the Manager markup and action buttons have been cleaned up. Please check for errors and inconsistencies. Clean-ups will continue in future Evo releases as well.
    • Template variable names on internal Manager pages are now referred to by their ID in the database. Plugins that rely on modifying the Manager output (like Manager Manager) need to be updated. See the Image Preview plugin distributed with Evo for a working example.
    • A new Mootools-based date picker replaces the awkward and bloated previous solution.
    • All internal JS libraries updated to Mootools 1.11. This will be updated again to a more recent library or version in a future point release.
    • Tested with PHP 5.3 and deprecated warnings addressed. It’s likely that many 3rd party Add-ons will need to be updated as well.

    [b]Bug and Issues

    If you find any bugs, open a ticket in JIRA selecting it affects the 1.0-rc3 release at http://svn.modxcms.com/jira/secure/CreateIssue!default.jspa ... bug reports that include a patch to fix an issue will win the submitter huge brownie points. (Note: You have to login to create issues.)

    Known issues to be fixed in final GA
    We’re working on a solution to reset configuration settings from default languages, such as signup emails. This will let you have a different language for email messages than the manager user language setting, or to reload your messages if you make a mistake. For additional details, see the JIRA tracker for other items being worked on for 1.0. All the remaining issues will most likely not make the final release.

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