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  • The MODx Team is excited to announce the release of MODx Revolution 2.0.0-beta-3.

    This update specifically addresses a security vulnerability in 2.0.0-beta-2. It is highly recommended that all users upgrade to this version.

    Get it here!

    There are 2 versions:
    • Traditional (beta-3.zip) - For regular users, with all files pre-extracted.
    • Advanced (beta-3-advanced.zip) - For those who want a smaller download and compressed install. Those who do not have root or sudo access to their machine should use traditional and not advanced.

    Special Note for Upgrades:
    If you are upgrading from Revolution 2.0.0-beta-1 you will need to clear your browser cache. If you experience issues during upgrade you may need to empty your core/cache directory. Mac OSX users upgrading from prior Revolution alphas: when replacing your current Revolution install folder with beta-3, if doing so locally, make sure to copy core/config/config.inc.php somewhere, as Mac OSX when overwriting folders does not recursively check and may delete the file.

    Please help by posting all bugs in JIRA, read the documentation in Confluence, and follow SVN developments in Fisheye.

    The MODx Team

    - Addressed security vulnerability in beta-2
    - [#MODX-963] Fixed issue with scrollbars and height in grid context menus
    - Fixed possible error in lang.js.php
    - [#MODX-982] Added param stringLiterals to directory/getList processor
    - [#MODX-978] Updated PHPMailer to 2.0.4
    - [#MODX-960] Fixed DOM issue with User Group creation/editing screen
    - Added ability to drag/drop files in file tree into fields
    - Fixed issue with file tree hiding files
    - [#MODX-960] Fixed erroneous header in Manage User Groups and Roles
    - [#MODX-965] Removed Disabled field from Package grid since it currently is unapplicable
    - [#MODX-964] Fixed issue with toolbar buttons in package download tree by removing unneeded buttons, fixing refresh button
    - [#MODX-966] Changed Package Management grid to be easier to read, removed unnecessary information
    - [#MODX-962] Fixed issues with User panel screen
    - Replace deprecated split() call in magpierss class with explode().
      shaun mccormick | bigcommerce mgr of software engineering, former modx co-architect | github | splittingred.com