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  • MODx Evolution 1.0.0-rc-1 ("Evo") has been quietly released. This release begins the transition of our classic code base aligning with the concepts and terminology in MODx Revolution. It also includes many bugfixes, Manager usability enhancements, a single new Manager theme (Carbon) and installer skin, and updates to TinyMCE and Ajax Search Add-ons.

    There are a considerable number of important language updates in the reference English Manager file. The reason for releasing Evo as an RC is to give our non-English communities an opportunity to update the Manager and Installer translations. Updates to the base languages included in the RC include removing deprecated language strings, formatting updates and alphabetic sorting. Please help update and complete the native translations ASAP!

    Related to languages, Evo introduces a new Friendly URL auto-generation Plugin that supports multiple transliteration methods. "Transliteration" is the way in which the page titles are automatically transformed into Friendly URL aliases. This means MODx now offers fully native-language Friendly URLs, even for multiple languages in one site, improving search engine results for non-English and multi-language sites. Developers can override the transliteration per page or section with a Template Variable and @INHERIT binding. MODx Revolution will gain similar functionality.

    In addition, the Evo file layout updates make managing and upgrading sites simpler. The /assets/templates directory now contains all custom manager help pages and the welcome/login template overrides. Updating the MODx Evo core now only requires you maintain your config.inc.php file between moves (and any custom manager themes you’ve added).

    Evo marks an important point in MODx’s history. We’re committed to supporting our classic code base and I hope you can see that we’re certainly not abandoning it by any means. As usual, please log any bugs, update the language files per the above and help make MODx Evolution 1.0.0 a wonderful release. Let us know what you think, too.
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