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  • MODx is now available for download here. Changes since rc1 include:
    [*] [#MODX-185] Improvements to installation with errors when SET CHARACTER SET is used and collation does not match database.
    [*] [#MODX-346] Fixed additional errors on advanced upgrades.
    [*] Add to ht.access template to prevent Apache internal dummy connections breaking hostname [(site_url)]
    [*] [#MODX-455] Have messageQuit() set a 500 error response to avoid indexing pages with PHP parse errors.
    [*] [#MODX-346] Fixed error with $database_connection_charset being empty after "Advanced Upgrade Install".
    [*] [#MODX-453] Weblogin calls to mail should set envelope sender address when safe_mode is not enabled.
    [*] [#TINYMCE-1] Japanese language file provided by MEGU
    [*] [#MODX-450] bug fix to prevent invalid SQL syntax / error
    [*] [#MODX-430] Update Japanese language files
    [*] Update Bulgarian language files (Manager, Install and TinyMCE)
    [*] [#MODX-438] Ensure that access permissions are inherited from parent when changing template on new document
    [*] [#MODX-405] Fix problem in media browser generated XML when PHP short tags is being used
    [*] [#MODX-429] Change yourdomain.com to example.com in default settings
    [*] Added $_lang strings for RSS tabs in welcome page.
    [*] Added RTL-Manager-theme.
    [*] Added Persian language manager file.
    [*] [#MODX-431] Fix icon alignment for the tree menu in default MODxLight theme