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  • FYI:

    Despite all of the new features and bug fixes in the recently released, we feel there are a number of significant new issues which warrant an additional release of the 0.9.6 series before we refocus on the improvements coming in Evolution 1.0. So, without further ado, I have made MODx available to download. Please give this release candidate a thorough once over; your feedback makes MODx what it is.

    Though it hasn’t been long, there are a large quantity of new features and additional bug fixes in this release. For those having encoding/charset problems in, this should solve those issues that slipped into that release. Here are the key changes in this release:
    [*] #MODX-415 Update German manager file
    [*] FS#1011 Minor CSS change to color of Unread Message links
    [*] #MODX-365 Fix some hardcoded language strings in the Access Permissions pages
    [*] #MODX-389 Convert TV Input Options field to be a textarea
    [*] #MODX-394 Updating incorrect language string in installer
    [*] Updated AjaxSearch to version 1.8.1
    [*] Fix to user permissions class (thanks Dimmy!)
    [*] #MODX-351 Update eForm to version
    [*] #MODX-352 Update Jot to version 1.1.4
    [*] #MODX-304 Update Japanese language file for Quickedit
    [*] FS#1052 Fix CC bug in PHPMailer class
    [*] FS#806 Allow ’.’,’-’, and ’_’ in TV names - manually encode these as rawurlencode() doesn’t convert them (related to #MODX-154)
    [*] FS#833 Fix inconsistent Stay buttons (use labels like on other pages)
    [*] FS#1037 Prevent currently logged-in user password update logging out without displaying the new password
    [*] FS#944 Enable RTE for TVs when creating/editing a weblink
    [*] Fix urldecode() bug with ’refurl’ querystring parameter in WebLogin
    [*] FS#548 Preserve querystring parameters when logging in/logging out with WebLogin
    [*] FS#1074 Apply DataGrid patch
    [*] Add default sort order for new template variables, prevents ’$rs not set’ error
    [*] FS#900 Fix incorrect system setting for default template on install (without demo content)
    [*] FS#392 Add optional separator parameter to $modx->getTemplateVarOutput() for checkbox/multiselect lists
    [*] FS#895 Fix Captcha implementation in WebSignup snippet
    [*] FS#912 Add charset encoding to page title htmlentities() call in the Manager search
    [*] FS#1073 Duplicate TV associations when duplicating a template
    [*] FS#283 Allow Weblogin to work with password-less registration forms by generating random password if no password POST value is passed
    [*] FS#687 Fix the [+surl+] placeholder in the Weblogin snippet
    [*] FS#999 Prevent log error when connecting to a second database
    [*] #MODX-154 rawurlencode() TV names so TVs with spaces in the name can be saved when editing/creating a document
    [*] FS#1032 Convert TV saving in save_content.processor.inc.php to use three-stage DELETE/INSERT/UPDATE method
    [*] FS#978 manage keywords length not limited to varchar(40) DB value
    [*] CR-MODX-39 Button Back in Upgrade Existing Install goes to wrong screen.
    [*] #MODX-188 Default installation language set to english, patch from CR-MODX-28.
    [*] FS#907 Small fix to QuickEdit to correctly include JS/CSS files if friendly alias paths are being used and no <base> tag is specified in the template
    [*] #MODX-139 Updated cache_sync.class.processor.php to use $modx-&gt;db methods instead of mysql functions.
    [*] FS#1003 Amend the top username link to explicitly state a ’change password’ link instead of just linking the username
    [*] #MODX-362 Added database version to MySQL DBAPI class and to the System Information report
    [*] Switched double quotes to single quotes and added minor speed improvements to files.dynamic.php
    [*] #MODX-209 File manager can now handle files with illegal url characters (added urlencode escaping).
    [*] #MODX-219 Fix broken image paths
    [*] #MODX-179 Duplicating resources now duplicates the category setting as well
    [*] #MODX-290 Minimum PHP requirement updated in language files to 4.2.0
    [*] #MODX-168 Fix issue where phantom keywords metatag could be added to document due to haskeywords setting being out of sync
    [*] FS#1078 Fix duplicate content processor for MySQL versions &lt; 4.0.14
    [*] #MODX-303 Update DocManager Japanese language file
    [*] #MODX-158 Remove broken stylesheet references from DocManager module
    [*] #MODX-244 Fix the display of user and web user photos in the manager
    [*] #MODX-140 Make Security Notices and News items open in new tab/window
    [*] #MODX-341 Ensure duplicate aliases have the number suffix properly incremented
    [*] FS#1065 Fix problem with losing selected metatags when editing documents
    [*] Changing TVs no longer looses the sort order on templates to which they’re assigned (revisited)
    [*] FS#1056 Fix error with updateMail JS function being called in header.inc.php
    [*] #MODX-126 configure the URL of the Security Notice and modx News feeds in manager Site Settings - patch by Jesse Rochman and Magpie fix for Japanese language by MEGU
    [*] #MODX-185 Problems with original SET NAMES vs SET CHARACTER SET patches resolved.
    [*] #MODX-289 Fix was not merged into trunk for release.
    [*] Fix MySQL Strict mode problem in save_content.processor.php
    [*] FS#1038 Fix consistency of ’z=manprev’ for document preview in manager code
    [*] FS#1066 Fix problem with Newspublisher snippet and the calendar showing a 404 error when using the FormBlog chunk template
    [*] FS#1062 Fix Weblogin snippet to correctly block users for period of time specified in system settings if they reach the maximum failed attempts
    [*] FS#1079 Apply URL TV patch to Doc Manager module
    [*] #MODX-218 Fix broken image paths in Newspublisher snippet
    [*] #MODX-266 Stop .svn folder appearing on help screen if MODx install was checked out from SVN
    [*] FS#1076 FS#853 Fix calendar JS error occurring if calendar TV name contains an hyphen
    [*] Updated TinyMCE to version
    [*] FS#1036 Moved Rewrite Browser Paths (strip_image_paths) in configuration so that it’s editable even when Enable Resource Browser is set to ’no’.
    [*] FS#665 Fixed ViewPort Javascript code errors (thanks to Antonio)
    [*] FS#1027 Added ’Path to CSS file’ to user configuration so that it can be overridden on a per user basis
    [*] FS#821 Fixed Javascript Error using QuickEdit and IE7 (thanks to Marc [MadeMyDay])
    [*] FS#939 Fixed recordset handling for ticker widget and replaced ticker javascript with Moostick.

    [edit by zi: links fixed]