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  • MODx is pleased to finally announce the first public preview (i.e., alpha ... do not try this at home ... we’re professionals, you know...) of the oft-mentioned and much re-written Revolution release.

    The full details, including download instructions and an overview of our completely new development infrastructure is mentioned in our likewise new wiki. All of these killer tools come courtesy of Atlassian and include Crowd for Single Sign On (yes we’re working on forum integration), Confluence wiki, Crucible/Fisheye SVN integration and peer code reviews (now we can take anonymous SVN patches and incorporate them into the code after being thoroughly vetted by the core team), and JIRA for issue and bug tracking. Atlassian seriously rocks; thank you!

    What can you do?
    Download and test the heck out of it. File bugs, preferably with patches. Get involved with the development. We want to bring this to beta status pronto and have the stable release ASAP, so we can get on to those things folks have been long-clamoring about like versioning, rollbacks and workflow. wink

    Now get on over there and start downloading.