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  • Announcing the release of MODx, a maintenance release with several important bug fixes.

    See the changelog for details of the changes since 0.9.6.

    Please search/review current bug reports before reporting new bugs, as well as the new forum available under Support >> Release Support >> This new set of forums should help us avoid the monolithic support topics we’ve enjoyed after previous releases, and make it easier to discuss the issues that come up in threads focused on specific topics.

    FYI, there is one significant bug in the 0.9.6.x installers that has not yet been addressed: when selecting the Chunks, Modules, Plugins, and Snippets you want to install, for now you need to either select all or none of these. Selecting or deselecting individual checkboxes within each group does not work as expected, and will simply not install the last x number of items in each list which has x number of unchecked items. This issue is being tracked as FS#892.