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  • Since October 28th with MODx’s first stable release, we’ve had more than 6500 downloads. A tremendous amount of feedback and our continuing desire and commitment to address our user’s requests and squish bugs (that are becoming very much increasingly obscure), brings us to yet another release — our last one of 2005. Consider it an early Christmas present to our more than 3000 registered forum members.

    MODx 0.9.1 brings the following to the table all wrapped in a bow:

    • NEW Default menu layout is now Snap in top menu bar (and in two flavors, too) layout that’s been thoroughly worked over — a sneak peek of things to come!
    • NEW More International Support — updated Quick Edit with full support for international translations and updated Dutch, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Spanish and Swedish language translations of the manager.
    • Updated NewsPublisher, NewsListing, UserComments and NewsFeed (RSS2) snippets for even better article, blog and news postings.
    • Updated QuickEdit — improved capabilities, a more robust layout, and access to more page settings including preview of unpublished documents with the right permissions. Edit content simply and intuitively from the front end while surfing your own site.
    • Updated Latest FCKeditor release (2.1.2).
    • Updated Stable releases of Scriptaculous (1.5) and Prototype (1.4) included and used for Menu4 and QuickEdit.
    • NEW Duplicate documents and folders directly from the tree menu.
    • NEW @INHERIT @binding — use for setting default content for similar sections with many pages.
    • NEW MemberCheck snippet — perform quick checks of a logged in web user group and output code specific to them.
    • NEW Personalize snippet — basic name personalization for logged in web users (great for "Welcome back, John...").
    • Extensive testing with Stop-on-Notice turned on to eliminate PHP warnings (errors) that might otherwise go unnoticed, and improving the coding practices and performance.
    • Bug fixes and usability tweaks galore (see the changelog in the install folder).
    • And yes, as you’ve come to expect, there is more... wink

    Feedback, problems and praise: Learn about known Issues and resolutions as they surface.

    NOTE: You must be a registered user and logged in in order to download files or see images in this forum only. All other Topics/parents allow posting and viewing images by default. It’s a quirk, but how it will be until sometime in early 2006. No More Registration Required

    Choose your favorite compression format below and looking forward to your feedback soon!

    UPDATE Apr 15, 2006: after approximately 20,000 downloads, we’ve patched the distribution to prohibit a potential security exploit. It should be considered to use this new installer for any new installs. A patch for existing installs can be found in this thread.

    UPDATE Apr 25, 2006: More than 1500 more downloads and we’ve again updated the release with a more complete bug and security update release. Please do not use the file in our soon-to-be-growing new Releases page.
      Ryan Thrash, MODX Co-Founder
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