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  • Hi and thanks for a great forum and cms smiley

    When i upload images with the TinyMCE in Internet explorer, i get this error message: invalid XML response from connector. But it only happens when i upload images which are larger then 1MB. And the image uploads fine altough i get the error message.

    When i upload an image in Fire Fox i don’t get the error message. But i cant see the upload progress in neither of the browsers, that would be a cool thing to see. I must also say that the issue on Internet Explorer only happens on my webhosts server, when i try it on my local server there is no error. Oh and i have my maximum upload file size setting to: 11048576 that should be enough right. I’m doing a site for a customer so i really need to get the error message to disappear rolleyes
    • Use Firefox just to get base functionality. Check the folder permissions. Disable all antivirus/spyware software to see if it works. Then slowly add your antivirus back. If you figure out what it is, please report back, as I’ve seen this happen before and it makes zero sense. Thanks!

        Ryan Thrash, MODX Co-Founder
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      • Yes, this error doesn’t make sense smiley I would like to know the right folder permissions to see if that might be the issue causing the error.

        So if anyone know the right folder permissions, please share the information tongue

        • That depends on your php installation; if it’s an apache module, the /assets/images folder needs to be 777. If it’s running fastcgi with suexec, as long as it’s writable to your ftp user it should be fine.
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          • I guess it should be something wrong with the XML code that is sent, and Ive learned that Internet Explorer is more sensitive than Firefox with this.

            But if there is something wrong with the XML, everybody should get this error message using Internet Explorer. And now it seems its only me huh Poor me wink

            So any ideas is much appreciated.
            • Disable (temporarily) all antivirus and firewall software.
                Ryan Thrash, MODX Co-Founder
                Follow me on Twitter at @rthrash or catch my occasional unofficial thoughts at
              • I’m sorry i haven’t solved this yet. But i uninstalled my antivirus software, did a new installation of Modx with all the instructions of folder permissions etc thats in the read me.txt file and i still get the error message in the resource browser window.

                I feel really alone on this issue, but i guess i must be doing something wrong. I am Very thankfull for more suggestions to try rolleyes

                • I also get the error message when trying the Modx demo at If that means something I’m not sure of, also tried a different computer. I’m running out of options so maybe a little prayer to the almighty would help, but i don’t know if hes into computer programming rolleyes
                  • It’s likely a firewall or an antivirus software on the computers you’ve tried.
                      Ryan Thrash, MODX Co-Founder
                      Follow me on Twitter at @rthrash or catch my occasional unofficial thoughts at
                    • I’ve experienced this error as well, and actually it seems to happen randomly in all browsers I use (IE6, IE7, and Firefox). I think this is a problem with the resource browser in general, but it seems to go away if you force refresh the manager (ctrl-F5 on Windows). Since there are already a lot of folks working on revamping the resource browser in general, I figured this would get fixed in that process.

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