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We seriously want to nail an incredibly usable and clean default theme for 2.3 themes for 2.3. To do this, we’re going to need great design and pattern libraries to reset the standards for users of the Manager. I’d personally love to see several key areas focused on: custom dashboards on login, content creation/editing, the system settings, and a media manager. Cleaning up the installation experience would be a win, too. The media manager is admittedly up in the air for initial release, as we want to do it right, but it is a very big priority overall.

This week, MODX community member Peter Knight (EdenWeb) posted his interpretation for the design of the new MODX Revolution 2.3 Manager UI and got some traction on implementation. He was building from some of the other work people have done in the current dev branch of 2.3, which is now available as a preview. Peter’s work was preceded months ago by Phil Steer, who likewise did an awesome re-imagination of the Manager, and the team at Sterc posted pixels, too.

So as outlined in today's blog post, let the games being. More details coming soon, and likely appended to this post as they're available. Updates/rules/guildelines follow … check back regularly:

The MODX team will have the final call on the winners. It'll be based on usability, quality and attention to detail, great typographic chops, size of the delivered product, the current lunar phase, degree of mobile-responsiveness in an admittedly constraining ExtJS 1.3.x framework (though granted if you pull anything sensible off you're a supernatural genius from another planet), and size of the overall final JS and CSS. We'll bring in people from the outside to help judge, but let's be honest, it's purely up to our discretion and arbitrary. We've worked for nine years at this so we think we've earned the right to make the final call, and we do promise to not play long-term-insider favoritism. Clean up the Sass a ton, cut a ton of cruft out (there's lots that can be trimmed!), and make it sexy! (Gah! Tripped up by my own bad words filter: s e x y)

2-3 weeks from go. Tops. Be crafty and get a head start now, because "go" is coming really soon.

We want to encourage people to collaborate and form ad hoc teams, so prizes will be awarded on an "up to" basis. If there's an ad hoc group consisting designer, a developer and a UXer on board, that's up to 3 (our max). If it's a company that employs all three people (I'm looking at you, Sterc tongue ), you get 1. If cash winds up being involved, it'll be split between the 1-to-3 winners equally. Hardware? Flip a coin. Your theme may even wind up or inspire the default 2.3 theme.

You have to be able to work with Sass. JP and Jay will document how it's set up for MODX Manager themes in the immediate future, and JP will be available in this thread to coach you through it and help you get started. If I can make it work, trust me, you can! Lots more blanks to fill in here …
UPDATE: It's your theme. You don't have to use Sass unless you are shooting for your theme to become the default.

You'll be responsible for providing a theme directory we can pop into our own local installs and experience right then and there. If it requires updates to the Manager outside of the theme directory, that's really ambitious and we're totally up for that, but it has to be broadly compatible with relative modern browsers down to IE9. They'd also need to be approved by our Lead Architect, like any other pull request.

We're probably breaking all sorts of guidelines for running a "contest" like this, so things are subject to change, and it's not actually a sweepstakes/contest/whatever it is that might get us in trouble. You also might one day find an unmarked envelope/box/container/stray cat and wonder where the hell it came from and how it got there. Wasn't us. You might also be liable for taxes for the cool things contained inside said previous container, but we're not tax advisors, so consult yours. Besides, we have no idea what you're talking about. Mileage may vary. Actual prizes delivered may be different from those shown. Etc.

more updates and changes subject to come, until this line goes away]]>
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This post is merely a jumping off point for the sharing of ideas and discussion of challenges, problems, solutions and user perspectives to drive future of managing content.

Check out Mark Hamstra's prototype of a proposed interface treatment. I consider it a living sketch for reference and also a fresh take on the existing Manger to allow us to reflect on how we can build a tool that will give people more power, more confidence and in the fewest number of actions possible.

In the very near future like in all the other Special Interest Groups, we will be holding discussions and seeking new ideas, visual treatments and assessments of the existing ui/ux. I personally challenge anyone interested to look beyond CMS interfaces, look for inspiration in interfaces and tools that make your life incredibly easy or that is so intuitive that you forget it's even there.]]>
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