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  • Prolly someone mentioned before in this threat, the Security / User management part.
    A simple tutorial how to make a subadmin user and restricted map access.

    I dunno if this part is changed a little to simplify it in the 2.1 rev version?

    I’m struggling over 12 hours to get some users only see and edit some pages editable for only them in backend and still not working.
    Even if i knew exactly how to do this it still will take allot of time to build such user.
      Creating websites is what I do, powered by MODX...
    • fourroses: Perhaps you would take a look at these?

      Those should cover most of it. Remember, in Revolution, it’s best to first create an Access Policy that gives the appropriate Permissions you want for a User, and *then* start assigning that Policy to User Groups.
        shaun mccormick | bigcommerce mgr of software engineering, former modx co-architect | github |
      • Quote from: splittingred at May 19, 2011, 07:34 AM

        Like this?

        that covers only half of the things, in comparison with the things I saw in class code.
        more examples of usage and more documentatin on objects and methods in modExt classes thats what i d be gald to see =)
        • Perhaps you could suggest specific things?

          Also, most of the modExt classes extend ExtJS classes; and there’s ample docs for those on the Sencha site:
            shaun mccormick | bigcommerce mgr of software engineering, former modx co-architect | github |
          • Lots of examples
            tbar - object and getMenu - method for instance,

            I m trying for 5 hours already to do some sortin stuff with grid as in system settings (where we can filter accroding to namespace)
            but all in vain due to this tbar, i know JS and Jquery pretty good but still can’t, looks like i’ve got nothing to do but learn everythin connected with extJS, then dig core files, just to make some stupid filtring in my cmp...
            • That’s actually the other way around. You need to re-learn JS, because jQuery denaturate JS a big time. ExtJS (like Mootools) is closer to javascript than ever.

              For properties/method and events related questions (like tbar), you should take a look at the ExtJS API doc, which is very complete (you’ll have to download Extjs 3 to see it, since the website only have ExtJS 4 API online now).

              MODExt provide additional methods, but you’ll have to dig in MODExt core files to see what they do.
              • that’s what i’m doin now - thx =)
                as far as i gonna have a big deal with modx Revo
                • I put up a couple tutorial pages for using the Login Snippet which are a good introduction to the permissions jungle:
                  • Thanks for sum info guys, I’ll dig into it again.
                    Hopefully something small I’m doing wrong.
                      Creating websites is what I do, powered by MODX...
                    • I'd like to see documentation for UltimateParent
                        Revo 2.0.8-pl