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  • Hi! I the docs I can’t find a complete list of the input options usage. So I can’t really use all of them.
    So what’s htmlarea and textarea? Text and textbox (they seem the same thing). What’s autotag and tag? And hidden?
    Things like this. Do you know of any place in the web I can find these instructions?

    Thank you smiley
      • Website:
        MODX Revo Tutorials:

        MODX Professional Partner
      • Quite a good list thank you.

        Can you tell the difference between text and textbox types? They seem identical.
        • Yes, they seem identical. I always use text...
          it could be remnants of the past... from Evo or even before.

          Of course if anybody knows if there is a real difference, please
          chime in...
            MODX Revo Tutorials:

            MODX Professional Partner
          • they are definitive the same. Both load the same smarty-template:

             * @package modx
             * @subpackage
            return $this->xpdo->smarty->fetch('element/tv/renders/input/textbox.tpl');

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            • Hi Bruno, thank you!

              And, do you maybe know the use of the ’properties’ field of the image output type? I tried to set it in some ways but it seems that nothing happens..